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First Lesbian Sex Experience

First lesbian sex experience

By - Sep 14, 2004 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 24545 A first lesbian experience story - My name is Anne, and my first sexual experience with another person was with my cousin, Patti. We lived up north and Patti came to stay with us after her parents split up. During a severe blizzard, it was all the furnace in our house could do to keep up with the cold. Patti and I shared a large bedroom upstairs. She was already in bed, and I was moving as fast as I could to keep warm while I put on my T-shirt. Over-sized football T-shirts and panties were what we slept in. Just as I was about to climb in my bed, Patti said to get in with her first and she would warm me up.
I turned out the lights and scrambled under the blankets. Patti rapped her arms around me and rubbed my back and legs. She said my hands felt like ice cubes and told me to put them between her legs where she could warm them. She squeezed them as she vigorously rubbed me all over. Soon I realized she was pressing her crotch against my hands. This definitely warmed me up fast. Her right hand moved down my back and around my bottom, her fingers traced the inside of my crack, pressing my panties into it.
With our bodies intertwined and the blankets over our heads, I quickly forgot about the blizzard outside. As Patti continued pushing against my hands, I realized her crotch was getting wet, not from sweat, but from the same sticky flow that came out of me and covered my fingers when I masturbated. She moved in a slow steady rhythm, squeezing my hands tight. I could feel her breath on my face, and in the dark our lips touched.
The tip of her tongue moved across my lips gently coaxing them apart. At the same time, her hand was between my legs and her finger worked its way under the edge of my panties. My heart pounded; unsure what was happening but not wanting her to stop.
Patti's tongue was like a feather brushing across my lips. I opened my mouth and she explored the warmth inside. Then her finger found my slit. This was the first time anyone had ever touched me there, and it sent a shudder through me. I opened my legs and she slid her finger inside. I thought I would faint as a wave of excitement swept over me. Suddenly, my hand was inside her panties feeling her soft fur, my fingers searching. I was eagerly returning her kisses now, our tongues exploring, sharing the heat of our mouths.
I felt her clitoris, and as I touched it, she quivered and moaned, spreading her legs for me. My body was wet with sweat, my crotch soaked. I had smelled my own arousal many times when I fingered myself, but now there was something new: Patti's scent drifted up to me. Knowing I made her wet left me dizzy with excitement.
We were both breathless, our hearts pounding, our bodies wound together like a knot. We climaxed at the same time, fighting to keep from crying out and awakening my parents. As I tried to catch my breath, I brought my hand to my face. It was covered with Patti's juice, and I touched it to my lips, tasting another girl for the first time. It was the most intimate, sensual feeling I had ever experienced. I was light-headed, scared that it was only a dream. Tasting her was intoxicating, and I craved her soft moans in my ears again. What a delicious secret: my cousin who slept in the same room with me had the power to take me to heaven, and I her. Rapture washed over me as I thought of all the possibilities. But the best was yet to come.
Each night, we would wait until we were sure everyone in the house was asleep. Then, as the wind howled outside, we would be under the covers, kissing and loving. Sometimes, Patti would awaken in the middle of the night, shed her panties and tiptoe across the room to my bed. While I slept, she would slip under the covers, her hands finding the warmth between my legs. Her tongue would move across my nipples making them hard, and I would wake up with her fingers already inside me, her sweet mouth on mine. The next morning, I would wonder if it had really happened or had it just been a delicious dream.......

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