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How to Keep your Sex Life Sizzle by Chris J Roberts

How to keeping your sex life sizzle? It takes work but with a little imagination you can have an incredible sex life. Don't allow yourselves to fall into a rut. If you find that your sex life is getting boring you should do something to spice it up and get it sizzling again. Adult toys such as handcuffs and silky blindfolds can help. Being handcuffed and blindfolded while sprawled out naked on the bed while your lover has his way with you can certainly add some sizzle to any sex life. The feeling of having no control is enough to arouse most men and women, assuming of course that you feel safe and com comfortable with your lover. Push his buttons believe it or not men have more than one button they like pushed. If you haven't discovered his sensitive spots it's time to do so. Try the back of his neck or behind his ears, the inside of the uppermost part of his thigh usually has a button too. Men love their women who know how to give him a good massage on their bodies with oil. Try giving him a good massage and I'm sure your partner will love it, you need practice and I'm sure he will not protest! Allow him to experiment on you, surely you must have some sensitive spots he hasn't discovered yet, you may not even know where they are. Be adventurous and just let loose. There is something to be said for the 10 minute quickie which is better performed anywhere except the bed! The element of excitement you will get from having sex in the bathroom or the kitchen is enough to make you reconsider the old notion of a quickie not meaning much. Have sex in the morning or afternoon you can achieve the same results whether the sun is shining or the moon is beaming. The same is true for outdoors if your backyard is private why not throw down a blanket under the oak tree or see if that hammock can really hold 300 pounds! If you think this will keep your sex life sizzle then why not try it! Your sex life has been a bit boring all along and you just never realized it!
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