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Archbishops Opportunity

By StonyPoint - Oct 30, 2010 - From first- time. First time sex story - Views - 42469 They saw him come in and sit down, if it wasn’t raining, or snowing. They all greeted him with the greatest respect. His position, Archbishop of the Region, demanded it. He looked up and smiled and waved. They went on about their business. He went back to meditating and waiting for the man he was becoming friends with to appear.
He smiled when Conner showed up and headed towards him but then his smiled turned almost sad as if he lost a family member. Conner asked the Archbishop if something was wrong but he said, initially, nothing was wrong when in fact something terrible was bothering him. They’d been meeting, about Diocese business, here at this location, once a week, for almost a year, and had soon become pretty good friends.
“How’s Miriam?” the Archbishop asked knowing she was ill. He said she was decent and stable. “Good…and you…how’s your week been?” Conner lied and said it had been good as well. Then Conner asked the Archbishop how everything was going with him. “Oh you know…still lousy but I think” and he paused. “I think I have another problem now.”
Conner turned, slightly, and asked what that was. He wanted to be the best friend and lawyer he could be for the Archbishop. He was attuned to most the problems of the Diocese seeing as his firm handled most of its problems. “Oh it isn’t business Conner” and then he paused to reflect. “I’m a priest, an Archbishop, but Conner… I have… I have other issues on my mind.” Conner spoke slowly when he asked what they were. “I don’t know. I mean I don’t know if I should say anything about this.”
Conner spoke as if to draw it out of him. And he did. “Well…first off” and he paused again as Conner looked his way and had him staring at the Archbishop. He looked back at Conner and they stared into one another’s eyes. “First and foremost I’m a man.” What the hell is he getting at, Conner asked himself as if he already knew that answer. “I’m a priest, I am an Archbishop, but I’m also a businessman as well…making me a man. I don’t know if you understand this at all.”
Conner thought he knew. A man is a man is a man and like all men, the Archbishop had issues he was recently dealing with. “Tell me about them your Excellency.” The Archbishop told him to call him Irvin. “Okay…Irvin.” The Archbishop asked him not to use his first name elsewhere but here which Conner agreed to. Conner told him everything said here was between them. They shook on it.
There was silence. Irvin sat upright. He turned to face Conner. He looked into Conner’s eyes. “As you know…we’ve known each other for many years. You’ve seen me rise throughout the Catholic Church. And here I am…the youngest ever at 49 to ever become an Archbishop. It’s incredible to me that I’m an Archbishop Conner… Incredible” Irvin declared and Conner had to agree but said nothing. He let Irvin proceed. “The truth is that you’ve known me since right after high school. You know I was a major geek in high school too” which Conner knew was true but nowadays that didn’t seem to be the case. Irvin was a good looking 49 year old.
“The truth is, even though I do all the things I do for the church Conner, the truth is… I am in serious…serious need of a woman in my life…I think.”
He turned and stared at Conner looking for a reaction. And Conner had no idea what to tell him. This was his Archbishop, a major player in the Catholic Church, he thought, so what is it I’m supposed to do…fix him up with some prostitute? Hell no, not Irvin…no way am I going to do that, he told himself.
“There is a woman I’ve seen around. I’ve never met her but it seems like I’ve come to know her a little, somehow” Irvin had said. That statement, alone, freaked Conner out. Not so much that he jumped up off the bench they were sitting on but enough to send shock waves through him. “She’s classically…beautiful I guess is the word” he said to Conner. He turned and his eyes seemed transfixed on Conner. His voice, now lower and much more serious told Conner he wanted to spend an evening with her…including having sex…if the woman would agree to it. “There are certain aspects of this woman, personally and physically as well, which have drawn me to her, and I’m asking for your help…if you’ll give it to me. I’d even authorize payment to your firm for another $100.00 per meeting for this opportunity” he added.
Conner was stunned. He didn’t know the woman but Irvin explained the woman came to church on a regular basis weekly. He said and he didn’t explain how that she never wore a wedding ring so he assumed she was single, like himself. He explained almost in detail what the woman looked like. That had Conner thinking. He knew a few women, two of whom, worked in his office.
“I even have a picture of her. Here” and he took out his cell phone to show Conner what the woman looked like. “This is her” Irvin said.
“Her…Samantha…Williams?” he declared. Irvin looked at him and asked how he knew her. “She…uhhh works…for me. She’s a…an intern with us Irvin.”
There was almost dead silence between them. What was Conner going to do? He wasn’t sure and he told Irvin he made no promises at all. Irvin agreed. They shook hands and hugged and said their goodbyes. Later that morning Conner was in his office doing work when it dawned on him they were going to be throwing their annual Thanksgiving Day party. He headed to her large cubicle and began speaking to her. He had known her a little but hadn’t ever really spoken with her much, yet.
“Going to the party Friday?” he asked. She said yes. He said great. He smiled and said he’d see her there and went to the next person just so it didn’t look as if he was singling her out.
Friday came. He looked around for Samantha. There she was. Hanging out and talking with other interns. By chance, she was older because she started law school much later then all the others. He figured her to be around 35 approximately. “So you go to church too?” I hear, Conner asked. She said yes. “Are you a regular?” he said.
She happened to tell him no but was trying to be but she always rationalized it out not to go. That got Conner to thinking as he looked her over while she wasn’t looking back at him. She does have an extraordinary figure…I have to give her that…an Irvin too. Geez, what am I doing here he asked himself. But it was for a friend regardless if that friend was the Archbishop. He was helping out his friend.
“Samantha…I wanted to ask you something. Got a moment?” Conner said. She said yes and wore a bright smile on her face. “Now first off” and he hesitated you may get the wrong idea about all this but please…don’t” he went on to say. “In fact…maybe I should ask you this in private.” She shrugged her shoulders and said yes, whatever. Seated in his office, the door was left wide open. “I know this man. He’s older but not that much older and he would like to” and Conner closed his eyes wondering what he was presenting to her was the right thing to do. “He has seen you around. He is a really neat guy. In fact, when he was younger then us…you or I…he was a major geek in fact but nowadays… Well now…he’s all grown up and…well he’s a really good looking guy.” She smiled as she listened. “He’d love to meet you somewhere and have dinner and whatever, I guess.”
“And whatever?” Samantha said. “I’d guess I’d love to know what that means. Dinner and…and then…what… Sex?” she said suspiciously. Exactly Conner thought. Yes, exactly. “No” she said. “No whatever…I mean I’m not into that sort of relationship” she told Conner. “You should know that…anyone here or anywhere should know that” she said flatly. She had no desire at that point to have a date with a guy who all he wanted was sex and great sex at that.
“The truth is” Conner blustered “is that this man, who is older then you, has never ever had sex before in his entire lifetime. But for that matter…I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I’m sorry” he told her. “Forget about it. I’ll explain to him and leave it at that. He simply thought, seeing as he found you to be an extremely attractive woman, that maybe, just maybe, you’d want to…I don’t know…hook up with him…once. That’s it.”
She shook her head and stood up. She looked at Conner. She said to him no thank you and he promised her he would not hold it against her in any way. He thanked her and she walked out. He stood moments later and walked up to her, reassuring to her what he’d said. She didn’t even acknowledge what he’d said barely.
Monday came. She was in the office earlier then anyone. She saw his light turn on when she went to get a cup of tea. She walked to his office. “How old is he?” she asked straight faced. He told her. “46…46…you mean you’d want me to have a date with a…with a 46 year old man?” she exclaimed. He regretted ever saying a word to her, but said yes. She stood in his doorway. “Okay…one date and one date only. I’ll see how it goes. No guarantees…do you understand that? Make sure he does too, okay? I mean that” she said.
“Irvin, it’s a done deal…except the sex portion. There are no guarantees on that” Conner said. “She will have dinner…but no guarantee on anything else. Do you understand?” He said yes and Conner asked about him understanding the sex portion of it too. He said yes.
“When is a good night, or afternoon, for you?” Conner said.
“Tomorrow afternoon…or evening” Irvin said.
“He told me, if it’s agreeable to you, tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 or 6:30. It’s up to you.” Samantha agreed to the 1:30 “appointment.” She smiled and Conner felt as if she felt okay about doing this. “Samantha…is everything alright with you on this?” he asked. She said yes. Everything was fine and she smiled.
She walked in and looked around but really didn’t know who she was looking for. He saw her and smiled. She looked as fantastic as ever, he thought. Wow, could this…could this happen, really he asked himself as he stood to go and introduce himself. He walked up and introduced himself.
“Hi Irvin” she said and introduced herself. He walked her back to the table as she noted that he wasn’t as bad looking as she thought a 46 year old man could look. They sat on opposite sides of the table. “So you work, I assume” she said with a smile on her face. He said yes as they banter broke wide open, each carrying on their end of the conversation.
All the while each had questions about the other and reserved information about themselves, more him then her, of course. “So have you been married?” she asked. He said no, which surprised her seeing as he seemed to be a gentle and peaceful man. “No children of your own even?” He felt the loss of confidence growing and told her no while still trying to appear confident.
“And what about you?” he asked. “Ever been married, any children?” She said no. He liked that she was still single, still very attractive, but knowing himself, he knew nothing about making love with the opposite sex.
“Well this was a nice lunch” and she thought about wanting to hang out with the older man for the remainder of the day, if that was remotely possible. “So what are your plans for the rest of the day…back to work I assume?” she asked.
“Nope, ” he said. “I decided, if at all possible, to take the remainder of the day off. He hoped at that point something could trigger her to be at least a little sexually attracted to him. Was she, he asked himself. I don’t even know if she would like to sit down and get to know me, he thought.
“Conner told me you were interested in…in umm getting to know me…personally, which in truth put me in a…I don’t know…I felt as if this was only about one thing. Is it?” She looked at him. She looked into his eyes. He felt a serious loss of confidence and felt a slipping loss he could ever do what he wanted. “Tell me something Irvin. Is it true that you were expecting to have sex with me?”
He blushed. He couldn’t spit it out. He wished he could but also knew the best thing to do was to be honest with her. He wanted to be honest with her. “Let me put it this way” he began. “I’m as” and he used quotation marks to say “clean as clean gets. Let me say that up front. But then, as these things go…who wouldn’t you make love to at all, if you wanted to make love to that person?” It threw her off. Why was she answering that question? But she did and she never once mentioned a priest or for that matter an Archbishop. “I’m none of those…I’m just a man who has never before had sex or made love with a woman in his life and I would love to experience that before too long. I’ve wanted to go out with you…with the hope that…well…I don’t know…I’ve wanted to be with you…intimately.”
“And…you’ve never been with another woman…and you’re 46 years old?” she asked.
He nodded and looked into her eyes, which she loved how he watched her. She stood up. He told her there was no way he could take her back to his place, which threw her off a little. He grew seriously aroused suddenly. He didn’t know how to react but kept everything in check. She said they could go to her place which probably in truth was a better place to go to anyway. He got into her car and she drove. He loved being seated next to her wondering what was next.
“Here’s my place” she said softly.
They got out of the car. She took his hand in hers. His hand was warm and soft too. She liked how it felt in hers. She led him inside and took his jacket. She looked into his eyes. Something was different about this man, she thought, and what it was she didn’t know. There was a mounting passion, for him, she discovered, but there was a growing desire to see and feel and do things with her too.
She spoke softly, almost intimately, as the two stood inside her condominium. She had a lovely smile. But it was then he began noticing all of her body. He continued to feel the growing arousal within him. He couldn’t believe how wonderful that felt inside. “Really, honestly” she began “you’ve never ever been with another woman, sexually before?” He shook his head and his eyes said so too. “So that would mean what…that any and all sexual activity would be by me most likely?”
Yes, I don’t know…I guess so. I just don’t know. I’d love to see you…naked. I suppose I’d love to see your breasts and nipples. I’d love to feel your body, your bosoms, and your nipples too. I don’t know, he told himself.
“Then, I guess, come with me” she said. He grew hornier by the second. All of a sudden he felt weird. His cock felt weird too. “This is for you, Irvin” and she undid her blouse. His eyes grew wider, slowly. He was going to see a woman’s bra and boobs and cleavage for the first time in his life. More became available as his cock grew quickly and immensely harder. “Do you like what you see?” she said.
He stood there, frozen, his eyes transfixed on her boobs. Luscious was one word, many other descriptions fell in line. She asked if he liked them again. He only nodded as he gazed upon what he thought was their beauty. God, the woman was…she was…ohhh god he thought, she was absolutely gorgeous. “You’re…gorgeous” he finally said. His face was full of noticeable passion but he had no idea how to proceed.
“Would you like to feel them?” she asked softly.
He nodded and when he did he moaned, quietly, but ardently too. She smiled having felt his soft warm fingers touching her boobs. “Mmmmmmmmm, I do love that” she said. “I love how your warmth, your fingers touch me the way they do.” She drew him in and hugged him and then pulled away slightly. “Do it again. There’ll be time…for it all” she said as he caressed her cleavage and the tops of her tits. “Mmmmmmmmm” she uttered again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmm” she said again.
She undid her top all the way and let the Archbishop see her gorgeous upper body. Her breasts anointed his desire considerably as he scanned on down to her beautiful hips. He was overwhelmed by what he saw. His eyes closed while waves of turmoil passed throughout his upper legs. His cock felt harder then ever. He wasn’t sure how to let her know of it and for that matter what to do. He went back to caressing her boobs and cleavage which weren’t covered by her bra. She let him enjoy himself.
She also loved how it felt to be touched, gently, again. He was loving and respectful as he felt them. Slowly and carefully and with great desire he felt their softness on his fingers. She smiled at him while he felt their pleasurable texture. “Want to feel me elsewhere?” she asked. He said more of her boobs but she didn’t allow that yet as she pushed him back towards her bed. “Here, let’s do this here” and she had him sit down and remove his shoes first. “Sit down or lie down better yet…we’ll get to everything soon enough.”
She smiled as he lay down and she bent over to kiss his lips. Seeing as he never kissed a woman romantically, it was all on her. It felt weird but he caught on, soon enough. “I like you Irvin. You’re a nice and gentle lover” she told him. He smiled, nervously, and said thank you. She kissed him again and again as he caught on. He loved being kissed by her. With her shirt still on, and her bra and skirt too, she began undoing his shirt. She liked his chest a lot and rubbed it lovingly and slowly. “Do you like how I rub you?” He said yes so she did it more. “You really do have a lovely chest” and bent down to kiss it in several places.
He loved how she romantically kissed his chest as well as him. He couldn’t believe what was happening was happening to him, the Archbishop of the region. Oh my lord, some day she’s going to find out. What then, he wondered…what then? But how she pecked at him…here, there, on his chest, and along his stomach was to say the least, thrilling.
With her blouse hanging open and her bra still on, she undid her skirt, and when he saw it he felt a feral need to do something, anything crazy and wild with her. But he didn’t. He let her do it all. God, this beautiful woman…she was absolutely terrific to say the least.
She wore plain white underwear, which to him, meant nothing except she looked more undomesticated then ever in his eyes. He was astounded at her attention to him. She rubbed his chest. She caressed his stomach. But when she reached that line…that band at his underwear…she pressed harder then he could ever believe.
“OHHHHHHHHH GOD” he shouted passionately, his eyes closed as he felt her hands rolling down over his raging cock. “OH MY…OH MY…GOD…OH…YES…HARDER YES…OH GOD…OH MY…DON’T STOP” he cried loudly.
Samantha smiled as she applied an affectionate pressure upon his erection. She looked into his eyes as she needled his body, top to bottom, or from his chest to his cock. “I bet you’d love it if I held this in my hands wouldn’t you?” she said softly. He was unable to speak so he nodded. She smiled and reached inside and she took hold of it lightly. He moaned as if to tell her to never let go for the rest of her life. She smiled again as she gripped it calmly and stroked his erection.
Oh god…he said he loves me. I don’t want him thinking that, she thought, but she continued making love to this man who’d never had sex in his life. Am I going to get anything out of this, she wondered? Am I, she asked herself again. Slow down, she thought. Just slow down, she told herself again.
“Here…we’re going to do something…something a little different, okay?” He asked what. “I’m going to lie down and you’re going to go down on me.” He asked what that meant. “I’ll show you” she said… “Kind of” she went on to say. She lay down and pulled down her underwear. He looked down and saw her shaved pussy. Where’s her…hair, he asked himself. “When a man licks me…here…and here especially…it’s a huge, huge turn on to me Irvin. It can and usually will give a woman an orgasm, which in truth, I haven’t had for a couple years now, and I decided over the weekend…I wanted one badly. That’s why you and I are here today.”
She explained it all to him but he still felt weird, at first. Slowly and surely, and it was slow as far as he was concerned he licked and he licked and he felt her pussy all the while his cock was raging hard. Soon enough she felt the effects of his licking and fingering of her pussy. Before he knew it he heard her moaning and crying out loud for “more attention.” She wanted it all now. She wanted him inside her and she wanted him inside her badly.
“Oh god, Irvin…I want to feel you…I want to feel your cock inside my pussy” she said.
“You do?” he stated
“Yes…oh my god yes” she said feverishly.
“What…just…just put myself up inside you?” he said.
“Get naked…com completely naked…and get me naked too…all of me” she confirmed.
He did as he was told, hornier then he ever was, and he snuggled his body closer to the insides of her legs. He was more then excited as hell seeing as he’d never done anything like this in his entire lifetime.
“I feel…I feel like something crazy is about to happen” he told her.
“It’s alright Irvin. It is okay” she said calmly.
He pushed his hard cock against her while she pushed it inside her. Feeling it was a tremendous thrill for her. Feeling Samantha’s pussy actually was a marvelous thrill to Irvin too but in doing it all, he wasn’t sure, from there, what to do.
“Now…push yourself, slowly, inside me. Slowly, okay?” she said. “Oh…ohhh…ooohh” he said smoothly as she felt the thick cock slowly slip and push its way deeper inside her cunt. “Oh Irvin…god Irvin…you…you have no idea… OHHHHHHHHHH” she cried out. “OHHHH OOOOOHH MMMMMMM…now OHHHH…NOW PULL OUT…A LITTLE” she cried out again. “Mmmmmmmmm, ooooooohh Irvin…ohhh Irvin…I wish you knew how that feels. Do it some more. Do it again. Don’t stop. Do not stop doing that. In, out, and in and out…okay?”
So he continued as the surge to explode, to cum with abandon grew horribly within him. “I think I’m…ohhh gosh Samantha…I think I’m going to…umm cum. Oh god…oh my lord” he cried out as the need to cum became greater. “Did you cum? Did you uhhh already orgasm?” he asked. She nodded and smiled, but now she wanted him to cum. She wanted him to be happy too. She told him to pull it out and hold it in his hands. He did. She told him to stroke it and once he did…he soon exploded with massive like detonation all over her beautiful breasts, and her face. Some even slipped inside her mouth, which she looked up and swallowed for him.
She grabbed his body tightly and brought him down beside her. Samantha looked into his eyes and smiled. It was a naughty smile too. He noticed its nature and asked her why she was looking at him like that. She smiled and kissed him on the lips.
“Because while we were doing this, having sex with one another, I finally realized how I knew you” but didn’t say how, at first. “First off, you’re a very good lover Irvin. I want you to know that and I’d do this again, with you, anytime. But…back to what I started to say. I do know where I know you from and seeing as were here, after what we’ve just done…it does not matter. Simply put…I want to be with you, like this, again, and again…okay?”
He wasn’t sure what to think. If she knew and still did it with him… Wow what next?”

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