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Learning About Sex - Part 1

Learning About Sex - Part 1

By Samantha - Mar 30, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 20982 I lost my virginity at 18 and here is how it happened. I had a single Mum, whether she had ever been married to my father I have no idea, she simply never spoke about it. At the time I am talking about my Mum was thirty years old, she was very pretty with a lovely figure and she had no modesty about the house, I often saw her naked. She had small but perfectly formed breasts with small nipples and, as she shaved her pubic area, the lips of her fanny were always visible. I had learned about Mum's profession when I was about eleven, she was a high class whore. She did not bring clients to the house, she met them in their homes or in hotels. She was very matter of fact about what she did, she told me that I had to know about sex sooner or later and then explained it to me and then told me how she earned her living.
We were quite well off, for instance Mum had a car when no family that I knew had one, she was very careful not to give anyone we knew any idea about what she did. She trusted me to look after myself from about the same age, even if she knew that she was going to be away for a weekend as occasionally happened.
Then one warm summer day I came home from school knowing that Mum would be home as usual. If she was at home I always went in through the back door, to my surprise that day it was open. I pushed it further open quietly and heard a moan, I looked round the edge of the door and saw my mother lying naked on the kitchen table with a man fucking her. I had never seen a naked man or anyone having sex and I couldn't resist standing there quietly and watching them.
The man was standing in front of Mum and I could just see his cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. The sight soon aroused me and I couldn't resist putting my hand up my skirt and into the leg of my knickers and starting to masturbate. After a minute or two I heard Mum pant, "Harder, Frank, harder!" He began thrusting much harder. Mum was gripping the sides of the table and he had her legs over his shoulders, this gave me a view of Mum's cunt and thighs each time he withdrew, everything glistened and looked slick with moisture, I could smell the sex scent.
I was soon wet myself, I masturbated quite frequently and enjoyed it, I'd asked Mum about it and she said that, as long as I didn't do it to excess, it was perfectly okay. Soon Mum was moaning, "Oh, yes! LIke that, darling, fuck me hard, fill me with your lovely spunk!" Frank was panting and gasping for breath, then he gasped, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" He grunted and rammed his cock up Mum as hard as he could, "Oh, darling, fill me up, fill me to the brim!"' She panted, then cried out and moaned going, "Oh oh, ohhhhh." I had seen young boys toss off so I knew that Frank was shooting his spunk deep into Mum's cunt. Then he finished and sort of sagged, then he slid his cock out, it was still hard and I gasped as I saw how big it was, at least seven inches long, but it was the thickness that astonished me, it must have been at least two insches thick!
Then Mum looked up and saw me, "Well you've seen it all, you might as well come in, " she said, closing her legs and easing herself off the table. "Frank this is my rather naughty daughter, Samantha." Frank was standing there, his trousers and underpants round his ankles and with his rapidly softening cock in full view, "I can see that she takes after her mother, " he said, "does she fuck?" "Not to my knowledge, " Mum replied, "you don't do you sweetheart?" "No Mum, " I answered.
Frank went and cleaned up, the scent of sex was even stronger now, I could detect the smell of spunk. Mum said, "This wasn't work, darling, Frank's an old friend who comes round occasionally because he knows how much I like his thick cock. Take my tip, Sam, always go for thickness rather than length, you'll enjoy it much more." Frank came down after his visit to the bathroom, fully dressed, "Alright, Dawn? Good, I'll be going then, " he nodded in my direction, "let me know when she starts fucking and she can have the same pleasure you get!" He left.
After he'd gone Mum said, "Come up to the bathroom with me." I followed her upstairs into the bathroom where she started running a bath, "I'm sorry you had to catch us like that, but he took me by surprise and he was rampant for it so I let him have me on the table, sorry, I just didn't realise what the time was." "It's alright, Mum, " I replied, "I enjoyed it, I've never seen anyone having sex, haven't even seen a man's dick before." Mum laughed, "Well don't go thinking all men are like Frank, the thickness of his cock is very unusual believe me!" We went on to talk about sex while Mum had a bath and used an enema to wash all the spunk out of her fanny. At the end she said, "Look, sweetheart, you are very mature both physically and mentally, I have no problem if you want to have sex. However, I would much rather you started with an experienced man than go with some young lad who doesn't know what he's doing, alright?" "Yes Mum." "Alright then, if you know someone you want to do it with, talk to me first and we'll make sure that you're alright. Is that fair?" "Oh, yes, Mum."
I went to bed that night thinking about what I'd seen and masturbating at the thought of having Frank's huge cock up me.

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