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Group Sex In A Hotel Room In Kansas

Group Sex in a Hotel Room in Kansas

By Margie and many others - Nov 7, 2009 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 31799 Sid, my husband & I were on the highway driving to his next duty station to some hellhole in Utah. Driving across Kansas was a mistake during the day. It was hot and Kansas is the only state you can drive 70 miles per hour and slam on the breaks and slid across the state on the grasshoppers.
We had been in Maryland in the military for the last three years. Both of us were pretty tired driving and needed to sleep, or even a short nap. We came to, I think it was Hays, Kansas. We checked into a small hotel about 730pm. We were hot and sticky from the ungodly heat. We checked in our room and turned on the AC. We went right to the shower. The AC. worked enough to cool off ah while and then it stopped. Sid & I lay on the bed in the raw. I didn’t take long for it to get hot in the room again. We slept off for about 2 hours; I heard a banging on the wall. It sounded like someone was fucking in the room next door.
I closely listened and heard more voices than just a couple. The sounds of moaning and screaming were getting to me as hot sex was turning me on. I was lightly tickling my clit. Sid was on his side. I cuddled in close to play with his dick. It became hard even with him sleeping. I managed to spoon and wiggle myself into position so Sid’s cock would enter my cunt from the rear. I was sopping wet Sid slipped right in my vagina. I started moving & fucking his dick, but I couldn’t get him all the way in. I started moving faster and Sid came around and fuckin’ me back. He awoke to find his cock hard & in his honey pot. He continued to pump me full of his 7”
Sid was asking why I was doing that to him. I told him, “Shut Up and Fuck Me!” He heard the goings on next door when I started cumming. His cock was fucking my pussy in such ah way he was rubbing my G-Spot with the head of his dick. I was feeling an orgasm approaching and screaming as it hit. “Oh Damn Sid Pound My Cunt! Fuck Me Faster, I – I – I’m CUMMING SID” I had squirted before, but nothing like this. I squirted my woman cum all over Sid and the bed. My orgasm almost made me past out.
The room next door was silent. Seconds later a knock on the door sounded. It was like getting caught fucking as a teenager. Timidly I answered, yes? The female voice said, “Could you hear us next door? We sure can hear you! Would you like to join us” she said. Sid said, “No, no we are gong to sleep ah while longer, thanks anyway” I gave Sid an elbow in the side & nodded yeah let’s go!
I opened the door and this Beautiful petite black chick was standing there com completely naked. She started talking like nothing was going on, like her nakedness was not uncommon. Her shaven little pussy was out in the open as she pinched her long dark pink nipples. She said, “ I’m Lynda, my husband, Bert and a few guests & I want you to join us, we have plenty of beer and smoke, join us? Our room is not as hot as yours. Come join us ok?”
I started to get my clothes on and Amanda stopped me, “You aren’t going to need those girly” I grabbed Sid the hand and we left our room to join the black couple in theirs. Sid walked in first to make sure there is no harm going to happen to us. This very dark black man said, “Come on in, pull up a piece of bed and sit down, I am Bert” My cunt twitched as I saw this guys dick laying there on the bed. It was the largest fucking cock short of a stud horse I had ever seen. Bert’s dick was soft and still out measured Sid by inches when Sid was even erect. OMFG! Four other people came out of the shower and came in the bedroom. There was a white man, another black chick and an oriental couple.
The room was full of naked people. Sid shook everyone’s hand and introduced us. Bert, Lynda, the white couple were Harry & Amanda and the oriental couple were Two Young & Ling Chow. Later we found out they were Chinese in this country on a visa.
Two Young was very small, no boobs to speak of but very pretty. & Ling Chow looked like a thug. Harry & Amanda were average looking people being from in the middle of kansas. Bert & Lynda are the ones that intrigued me. I was busy staring at Bert’s meat and trying to figure out if I could take that black log. Bert lifted his cock and asked if I wanted some. I was acting kinda shy and looked away blushing.
Sid looked at me and said, “Margie, You have been eyeing that thing since we walked in here. Take it If you want it” “You won’t be mad Sid?” “No! I wanna see if you can take it” The female moisture was running down my leg. I stepped up next to the bed and took a hold of his massive piece of man meat. Lynda winked at me and told me to go ahead. Bert’s cock started to grow. I’d guess it was 6 1/2" in circumference; I couldn’t get my hand com completely around that thing.
I dropped to one knee with one foot on the floor and slowly pumped his dick with both hands. I had never felt the blood vessels in ah dick that large. They were as a big as like a pencil. I could feel them in my hands as I jacked him off. Bert’s eyes closed and his month opened moaning sensitively. I felt Lindra come in behind me and she had her tiny fingers playing in my wet snatch. Sid grew hard watching us and stuck his cock in Lynda face. She instantly swallowed his love tool down her pretty neck.
Bert was on his back enjoying the treatment I was giving him. Two Young straddled his face lowering her bald oriental pussy over his mouth. She started moving with enthusiasm fucking his lips with her cunt. Ling Chow came in behind Lindra and slipped his cock between her cunt lips and drove his dick all the home. Lindra let out with a series of sinuous moans, almost screaming. Harry was fucking Two Young’s face while Bert was fingering Amanda’s hairy slit.
Eight naked people on a queen-sized bed engaged in hot sex was a site to see. You had to have been there to envision the image. I could tell Bert was getting close. I got up and straddled his large fuck stick. Just looking at that meat about to hide in my pussy was enough to have my first orgasm with Bert. I lowered myself down on him. Plop! The head of his cock was in my sloppy cunt. I was apprehensive and I took a little bit more of him inside me. Slowly increasing he moved his hips up to me coming down. I had over 9” in my pussy. She was being stretched wide. Bert was in so deep in places man had never known.
Carefully I started to ride this invader a little faster, causing Bert to go deeper. I felt so full and yet so cock hungry. I looked down between my legs & his black dick looked like his arm was in me. Bert & I had gathered our rhythm and we both were getting close to getting our nuts off. I closed my eyes drenched in lust and feeling my insides being ripped open.
Bert was yelling, “I’m going to cum Lady, I’m cumin Margie” with one more deep thrust he splattered my womb with his hot sticky goo. His ejaculation set off another orgasm from my insides. Screaming out loud for him to empty his balls in my saturated cunt. Covered in sweat we were sexually exhausted. He reached up and pinched my nipples extremely hard causing me to loose to another orgasm. My little pussy was sensitive and worn out from this Bert’s ravenous treatment.
After we had slowed our breathing down to normal. Bert was looking to see what his petite black beauty was doing. Lindra was on the floor on her hands and knees taking Sid up her ass. She had a mouth full of Ling Chow while Amanda was on her back between Lindra’s legs eaten pussy. Two Young had straddled Lindra’s back and Sid had her tiny breasts 32 A’s his mouth sucking and biting one nipple then the other. Two Young had more nipple then titties.
The group was all reaching their peak. Ling Chow started shooting his wad down Lindra’s throat. She was screaming between swallows as she was having her orgasm. She was pushing back against Sid’s dick causing him to start his assault filling her bung with his cum. Damn-it! Fuck My Cock, Fuck Me Harder” he said and Sid was filling her ass with his life giving seed that would be not be used for that. Amanda was getting a golden shower of female cum from Lindra’s squirting. Harry was on the floor with man cum all over his face & hair.
This was like watching a domino effect as they all fell in a pleasurable heap of nude bodies. Men and lady cum sopping wet with sex looked so appealing Bert & I joined them on the floor.
Next thing we remember was a knocking on the door. Knock, knock “Housekeeping”

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