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Same Sex Marriages Usa Article

The Truth About Celebrity Sex Tapes

The Truth About Celebrity Sex Tapes

Celebrities always act shocked whenever a sex tape featuring themselves surfaces. They appear on all sorts of talk shows and in the news, talking about how worried they are that the sex movie is going to destroy their career, that the world will be unable to see them as anything other than a porn star. Listening to the celebrity talk you would think that their life has just been ripped to shreds. The celebrities might act like they are horrified about the idea of a sex video starring themselves but when you stop and take a look at the actual fallout; it is hard to feel sorry for the person. There is no denying that learning a movie of them having sex is probably embarrassing. Sex is supposed to be one of those things that is supposed to be private, no one wants to think about the rest of the world watching them bump and grind with their partner. Plus there is probably a sense of betrayal. Someone had to have sold the sex video to the porn website who released it to the internet, and the person who was most likely the culprit is the celebrity's partner. That has to hurt. Not only did the partner betray the celebrities trust, but the celebrity is also probably wondering if the only reason the other person was with them was to get their hands on a sex video that the person could send down the tube in exchange for what was probably a fairly substantial amount of money. However looking at celebrities who have been caught in the middle of a celebrity sex tape scandal, it is hard to feel sorry for the celebrities who find themselves currently moaning about being caught in a sex tape scandal. The reality is that sex tapes are kind of like reality shows. They might be embarrassing, but they do get the celebrities name into the news. One sex tape gets released and the celebrity's name is suddenly in the all of the tabloids, they are getting spots on all the late night talk shows, and people are Googling the celebrity. In some cases, the release of a sex tape actually transforms the otherwise unheard of person into an instant celebrity; Paris Hilton is a perfect example of how this happens. Previous to her sex tape overtaking the internet, few people even knew about the existence of Paris Hilton, but now she has had a string of reality shows and everyone has an opinion about her life choices. Very few celebrity sex tapes can be viewed for free. Most of them have been purchased by websites who specialize in sex videos. The website plans on recouping their losses by charging anyone who wishes to get a look at the celebrity in a porn video. Before the public is even told about the sex movies existence the people who are purchasing the tape view it and make sure that not only is the celebrity in the tape, but also that they are recognizable and that the tape appears authentic. Explore your sexuality further with porn from the celebritytubester Celebrity Tube and celebritynudez Celebrity Nudes.

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