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First Time Having Sex

First Time Having Sex

By Secret - Nov 5, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 51007 I lay on the beach. The sun, glistening on my body, that I had just oiled up with baby oil, to get the perfect tan. I listen to the waves of the ocean, hitting up against the hot sand. My eyes are closed, and no ones around, besides me. It isn't until I hear your deep breathing beside me that I open my eyes and see you sitting beside me, concertrating on the ocean deep blue sea surrounding us. Your icey bright blue eyes are glistening in the sun, and your dark tan is watm to touch. You look over at me, laying there in my little black bikini.
We're finally away. We arrived on the island earlier this morning, we're both just eighteen, and out of high school. Since we've been dating for a year now, we've convinced our parents to let us go on a trip, just the two of us. We'd be home in a week, we promised. We'd call in every day. Even if they had said no, we would have still come, just because of the eagerness to be alone with one another, for once.
The scene was beautiful outside our little cottage that sat directly infront of the ocean. The next cottage wasn't but a mile away, so therefore, we were alone. We'd turned off our cell phones, since there wasn't any reception. The only phone was a two mile drive east of the island, to the owners company building. All laptops were left home, and all connection to any other part of the world was cut off, just for this one week.
As I saw you looking at me, up and down, I grab your hand, and pull you to me. Our lips meet, and I feel the warmness of your tongue linger around mine. We begin to makeout, passionatly, fearlessy, with every emotion of love we have. I push you down, and roll on top of you. Sitting on your stomach, I see you squinting your eyes, to look up at me, with the hot sun right behind me.
"Baby, I love you, you're so beautiful", you say to me, running your thin fingers through the strands of my hair that fall from behind my ear.
"I love you too babe, I always will", I lean down again, kissing, passionatly.
We start to get into it more. I feel your hands start to move across my body. Down my back, grabbing my ass, running them back up my stomach, and onto my tits. I feel you slowly start to dig your hand into my bikini top, grabbing both tits with your strong, big hands. They get harder, and harder as you rub them, more and more intensly. I pull away from kissing you, and look down at you.
This is the farthest we had ever gone with eachother before. Both still virgins, we were nervous on what to do next. I make the first move.
I take of my bikini top, slowly. I see you're mouth drop, and you stare at my large tits hang above your face. I get off you, and look around to make sure we are com completely alone. Still, you stare at my tits, not knowing what to do. You begin to rub them again, observing them very closely.
I notice your getting pleasure from this, by looking at your bathing suit trunks, and seeing a tent that is forming in them. You blush, but I just smile at you.
"I-I've never--", "I know, I haven't ever gone this far either", I reassure you.
We both have grown up Christians. Our parents had both always earged us to wait until marriage, and until this moment, we both had wanted to wait.
You grabbed my tits more, and then leaned your head closer towards them hesitating, I smile at you, reassuring that I want you to suck on them. And without further convincing, you begin to. Your warm mouth on my hard nipples makes me feel amazing. I feel my pussy being to get wet. And I feel your breath getting deeper, and deeper as you get more and more eroused by this.
Suddenly, I can't handle it anymore, and I push you down, and rip off your trunks. In shock, you stare at my every move, while my tits go up and down with my movements. I have never seen your cock before, and was in shock when I realized the size of it. It spiked up to be about 8 inches long, and 2 thick. I saw the vessels in it pulsing as my tiny mouth came closer and closer to it. Your face was bright red, from how horny you had become, and by the look on your face, it had made my panties more, and more wet by the second.
I leaned my mouth around your cock, and heard a loud moan come from you. You jerked your legs straight out, and dropped your head to the sand. I moved my mouth up, and down sowly, as I got use to the feeling of cock in my mouth. The moaning you made got me wetter, and wetter. Eventually, I started to finger my clit, while blowing you.
I was moaning now, and you were too, you jumped your head up quickly, and told me to stop.
"I have to calm down for a second, or I'm going to cum", you warned me. "And I don't want to cum just yet", you wink at me.
I laughed, "Hun, this is your first time getting your dick sucked and your worrying about holding it as long as you can?"
"Baby", you start to rub up my thigh, that was dripping from my pussy, "I want to, pleasure you too..."
I smiled, I turned my pussy to face you laying down, while I continue to suck your big cock. I felt you take off my bottoms, and touch my clit. The sensation jolted through my body, I rolled my head back, in amazement. Then, I felt your tongue, hit into my pussy. The feeling was so unbelieving, I shot out a loud scream. You stopped, and look over at me, "Baby you--", "KEEP GOING MATT!", I moaned.
I went faster on your cock, it was getting stiffer and stiffer. I moaned louder, and louder, and then got off of you, and layed next to you instead. "Are you sure you want to?", you ask me. I smiled, rubbing my clit again, "Yes!"
You jolt up, and spread my legs. You get inbetween them, looking down at my soaking wet pussy. Grabbing onto your cock, you search for the opening of my pussy.
At first it hurts, alot. I moan alittle, but because of the pain. "Baby, does it hurt?"
"Mhm...", I look up at you. You go slowly, looking up at my, to see my expression, if they look painful.You pop my cherry, and I can feel it, but it gets better as you slowly move in, and out.
You're moaning so loudly, and sweating. I'm sweating too, but eager to reach climax. As the pain goes away, you can tell. I'm moaning, louder and louder now. I reach down to rub my clit while your fucking me, but you do it for me. I feel your cock getting larger and larger in my pussy. Your thrusting into me like the beat of the waves, I feel you start to gasp, and grab onto my shoulder breathing so heavy, I can feel it, and it gives me the goosebumps. I start to feel your warm cum inside of me, and I reach climax, I grab my hair, and reach out for your strong arms, I moan so loud, I can't hold it in, I motion my pelvix around, and feel you finishing off your climax, as well as I. You pull out, and roll over to lay next to me.
Both out of breath, and sweating, we watch the palm trees sway with the wind, and listen to the waves hit the hot sand, as we fall asleep in eachothers arms.

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