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Keep Getting a Yeast Infection After Sex? - There Are a Few Basics That You Need to Know By Adrianne Richards

Do you keep getting a yeast infection after sex? There are a few possibilities that may cause this. Many women who have never had yeast infection before got their first right after sex. And some got theirs from their new partner. There are a lot of possibilities, and this article aims in helping you to prevent getting a yeast infection after sex.
If you keep getting a yeast infection after sex, then let's take a look at your partner. Is he a new partner? Or is he an old one? If he is new, there is high chance that his body chemical does not suit yours; it may take some time to get use to his. If he is an old partner, make sure he is not dipping his dong in someplace else and bringing it back to you, joking. Get the two of you checked.
If your partner shows any signs of yeast infection, then get him checked and cure his infection as soon as possible. If he does not show any signs, then most likely he is not carrying the infection. Then this cause may be because of you. Check your diet; are you eating too much sugar? If your partner's body chemical does not suit you it may lead to infection if your body has a weak immune system and have high sugar level.
If you have yeast infection once, it is advisable to throw all your panties away that you did use when having yeast infection. Washing it with hot water will not kill the yeast. It is best to throw it and buy a new one.
If you keep getting squidoo WhatAreTheBestNaturalCuresForYeastInfection" newyeast infection after sex, it is recommended that both you and your partner use a natural cure for yeast infection. It is the best way to permanently cure yeast infection once and for all. To cure your yeast infection permanently, all you need to do is squidoo WhatAreTheBestNaturalCuresForYeastInfection" newclick here.
Adrianne_Richards Adrianne_Richards

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