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Gay Marriage Legal Article

My First Gay Sex Experience - Part 3

My First Gay Sex Part 3

By bimaleohio46 yahoo - Jan 27, 2007 - From gay- erotic-stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 10243 Here we go with part 3 of my first gay sex.It was about a week after i had sucked his older cock off i went to deliver his paper and as always he would be waiting for me to arrive. He asked me if i wanted something to drink and i said yes. We sat there for a little while talking about everything that we had done and he asked me if i liked it and i told him that i did.
He then came over to where i was sitting and got on his knees in front of me and started rubbing my cock through my pants , it didn't take long for me to get hard. After he had me hard he unzipped my pants and took my cock out and started kissing and sucking on it all the while he was lookign up at me. He sucked me for a while then he stood up and took out his cock and stood in front of me stroking it til it got hard.
He then moved closer to me and asked me if i wanted to suck it and i shook my head yes and took it in my hand and stroked it some then leaned foward and put it between my lips and started sucking it i really liked the way it felt in my mouth, after i sucked him for awhile he took it out of my mouth and he looked at me and told me he wanted to get naked with me and for us to get on his bed.
I stood up and removed all my clothes as did he and we moved over to the bed and we layed on it and he put his arms around me and pulled me on top of him and he looked in my eyes and then he did something that totaly shocked me, he put his lips on mine and kissed me after i got use to the idea he slowly slid his tounge in my mouth and kissed me so sexy. While he was kissing me he put his hands on my ass and started rubbing my ass and it really felt good to me.
He then looked at me and said i want you to put your cock in my ass and fuck me if you want to. I was so turned on by then that i would have done anything i think that he asked me to. He then got out from under me and layed on his stonach and he handed me a tube of lube and told me to rub some on his asshole and some on my cock, after i did he told me to lay on top of him and he guided my cock to his hole and told me to push it in his ass nice and slow i did as he told me and after i was all the way in him it felt so good having my cock in ther that i didn't want to move, he told me to slide it in and out of his ass and as i did he put his hand under himseft and played with his cock.
He looked back at me and said that's it fuck my tight ass baby and i started fucking him harder, i fucked him for quit awhile and i told him i was going to cum and he said shoot it in me, he said i've got you and i want your cum in my ass and after hearing that i shot my load deep in his ass and we both let out a moan of pleasure. When i was done i rolled off him and he rolled over on his back and asked me to suck him off but he told me not to swallow it, i started sucking him and it didn't take long for him to cum in my mouth and i let his cock slip from my mouth and he sat up and pulled my head down to his and he kissed me and stuck his tounge in my mouth , he pulled away from my mouth and he said you swallowed it, he asked me if i liked the taste of it and i told him i did we layed there for awhile holding each other and i told him i had to go. What a hot time i was having with him. In the next part i'll tell you about my first MMF threesome with him and a female friend of his it happened about 6 months after this let me know if you like this story and if it turned you on.
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