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Has Your Married Sex Life Gone Ho-Hum? by Max Vogt

Early in your relationship, you could hardly keep your hands off each other. Red stop lights didn't last long enough to com complete the soulful kiss. Just the anticipation of being together was overwhelming. But over time, hanging around together became just another item on the to-do list. Can you revitalize a stale marriage? Of course you can if you're both willing to turn up the heat. You've allowed too much of life's problems to crowd out your enthusiasm for the relationship. Do the words love, sex and marriage even belong in the same sentence together? stressful work, commuting, money, children or career frustration can be the slippery step to pushing relationship to the back of the line of priorities. You have to agree to make time for one another. That means private, uninterrupted time. To spice up your relationship again, you may have to take a long weekend away from home, meetings and other disturbances. Check in at a romantic bed and breakfast where there isn't much else to do besides hang out together. Or reserve the honeymoon suite at a hotel out of town and don't open the door except for room service. Part of your relationship rut came from too little alone time and too many demands, so change that for the weekend. Getting back in touch with each other in an "away from it all" environment lets you focus on being together. Go for scheduling a couples' massage at your favourite romantic place. The relaxation and comfort, not to mention those com comfortable bathrobes, can give you new ideas after returning to your room. Buy massage oil and give a romantic massage to each other. Before leaving your weekend getaway, go out for lunch and calmly discuss some of the habits that have deepened the relationship rut. You want to make sure to avoid repeating those when you come back. One biggie is a television or computer in the bedroom. Turn off the electronics if you want to turn on your partner. Once you get home, there's a probability that you'll get engaged in the busy routine whiles sex goes back to a "passing in the night" experience. You must take time and try to enjoy each other. A regular weekend date night is important, even if you just go out to dinner. It's part of connecting again as a couple and feeling that your relationship deserves attention and care. You may not be able to take vacations alone when you have kids. But you can sneak away for a weekend periodically. Consider it marriage insurance - the best way to spice up your relationship and strengthen your love.
About the Author You've been lied to about marriage and EasyMarriageCounseling Marriage Counseling. Discover the truth before it's too late!

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