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Hot Sex With My Class Mate

Hot sex with my class mate

By - Aug 12, 2008 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 51081 It was three weeks after my 18th birthday and i had to get up early for a school trip to a local temporary art exhibition. I had no interest in art and was ready for a morning of com complete boredom. I arrived at school just before 8 ready to leave at 8, two of my mates were chatting away to the teacher so i waved and moved to join the back of the line. We were stood around waiting for a few minutes, everyone in their pairs apart from me, my partner was the one everyone was waiting for, i had no idea who it was as there was about 40 of us on this trip.
At about 8.05 Hugo came running up the drive, shouting sorry im late to the teachers and taking his place next to me in line, he was my partner. Hugo was 18 and 2 months old, about 5'7" and slim, he'd be petite if he was a woman. We were fairly good mates without being close but spent the journey to the art exhibition chatting away. Our first task of the day was to draw any picture, neither of us could draw so we hurried off our pictures and sat down chatting. We were getting on great and about 20 minutes after finishing our drawings, he slipped his pen down his boxers. Puzzled i looked at him funnily, he just smiled back.
"Want a lick?" he said as he went in to pull it out of his boxers. I looked around to see if anyone could see what he was doing, everyone was concentrating on their work. "Go on, i dare you" he said putting the pen right in front of my hand smiling. I grabbed it out of his hand and gave it a suck, as a dare it had to be done. It was warm and smelt of a mixture between a sweet shower gel and sweat, it tasted rather nice. Once i was done i slipped it down my front, rubbed it across my balls and pulled it out again, offering it to him. He grabbed it and licked it eagerly all over, suddenly i thought he looked so hot as i imagined his licking my shaft. We continued to suck the pen whenever we could for the rest of the morning, as well as touching each others arses whenever we could. We arranged to meet in the form room once we were back at school and had lunch.
I had skipped lunch, my excitement meant i wasnt hungry. I was sat with my two mates who were earlier chatting to the teacher, these were good mates and we often spent lunchtimes sat in the room chatting about football. Anyway, about 13.15 Hugo came in through the door, he could see i couldn't speak to him so he moved his eyes towards the door signalling for me to leave. I told my mates i had to go for a docs appointment and would be back later, and quickly moved out the door. Once outside Hugo said "Stay about 10 metres behind me, we'll go to the toilets". I was so excited!
Our school is set in an old building, it used to be a boarding school, as a result, the toilets were massive. As you entered there was a large area of urinals, as you walked through a massive wash area was on the left and to the right there were about 20 cubicles. I had followed Hugo into the toilet and assumed he had headed towards the cubicles, i was desperate to be close to him and taste his balls again. As i passed the cubicles i was listening for any sound, until Hugo popped his head round the door in the final cubicle, he looked so sexy.
As i entered he shut and locked the door behind me, his blazer was hanging on the door so i took mine off, i just wanted his cock. Nervously we moved together, neither of us wanting to make the first move. I hugged him, holding him close, he was so warm and i could feel his package touching my crotch, he was about semi erect. As we pulled away we softly moved in for our first kiss. As our lips touched my erection became stronger, we kissed softly at first but as the nerves went we became more passionate. Before long both our shirts were off and my hands were unbuttoning his trousers.
As his trousers fell to the floor he began to undo mine, i helped and i had soon removed them. The sight of Hugo in just boxers hade me seep pre-cum, they were tight Calvin Klein boxers that ugged his geourgeous pert, small butt cheeks and that showed the outline of his ever hardening cock. I grabbed his cock as i moved in to kiss him again, touching it through the boxers before moving round to his arse. I slipped my hands down onto his ass cheeks, they were so soft, so beautiful. I began to slip my right middle finger down through his arse crack, reaching his butt hole which was surrounded by a small amount of hair. I began to rub his hole, his erection reaching his hardest point as it touced mine through the boxers, our kissing keeping the noise down so no-one knew what we were doing.
After about 5 minutes of rubbing and fingering his arsehole whilst he played with my cock, i couldnt take it anymore. I pulled out of the kiss and began kissing his neck, his nipples, his belly and then followed the neat line of hair into the lovely smelling promised land. I pulled down the boxers, his erection springing out. He was big for 18, easily 5 inches, pre-cum all over his head as his foreskin was falling back nearing the point where his bellend met the shaft. I glanced up at him and smiled, before putting my mouth around his cock. The pre-cum tasted so good, as did his cock. I was rubbing the small amount of hair above his penis, gently playing with his balls and returning to that lovely tight asshole every now and then. After moving my head up and down his penis, i realised there was other things i could do with this hot piece of meat. I began to tongue his tip, licking as much pre-cum from his slit as i could, whilst moving my hand up and down the shaft. Soon he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up, kissed me on my lips before bending down and pulling my boxers down over my penis.
I was no where near the size of Hugo, atleast an inch shorter, never the less he gave me such a great blow job. He used his tongue and the walls of his mouth to make me leak large levels of pre-cum, which he lapped up much to mine and his enjoyment. I had to try so hard not moan out load, seeing his hot body and luscious hair bobbing up and down on my cock. As i came nearer to orgasm i pulled him off and we stood next to eachother, i was jacking him off and he was jacking me off. I was first to go, shooting out hot steamy cum which Hugo caught in his hand, he licked it all off, it was so hot. Just as he had finished, as i was still tugging away on his cock, he told me he was nearing orgasm, so i bend down and let him face fuck me. About 10 seconds later he shot wave after wave of his salty hot mess into me, which i sucked on and then swallowed. The taste was as nice as the smell of his balls.
We soon got dressed after our orgasms, he left first and i followed about 45 seconds later, looking forward to our next meeting.
Since then, we had a four year secret affair, having casual sex in bushes, toilets, bedrooms (even with parents home), showers, fields and we filmed ourselves on several occassions. I still masturbate now to the thought of his cock in my arse and the taste of his cum in my mouth.

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