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By Carmenica Diaz - Sep 8, 2009 - From bdsm-stories. BDSM stories - Views - 25877 The Tease by Carmenica Diaz (carmenicadiaz) ‘How are you today?’ Alice asked as she closed the door behind her.‘Please, ’ I said thickly, ‘I…’‘Hush, ’ she said softly, placing her bag on the table and walking to the kitchen.I guessed she was getting a drink but it was also an opportunity for her to tantalise me, to allow me to look at her legs in the short skirt she was wearing.She knew I couldn’t take my eyes from her legs.Yes, Alice loved to tease and control and like a fool, I fell into her trap.She returned with a glass of water and smiled at me.Such a sweet and angelic face; one that immediately conjures up expectations of innocence and even, perhaps, naivety.Until you know what she’s capable of.I know I looked a sight – unshaven and dressed only in a robe, standing hunched in the corner.‘It’s hot in here, ’ Alice said calmly, walking towards me and I dreaded what was coming but couldn’t resist.Her sweet perfume tantalised me as she undid the cloth hat held my robe together at my waist.‘Very hot so let’s cool you down.’Deftly, she peeled the robe back off my shoulders and it fell in a grey puddle on the floor.Her fingers brushing against my flesh sent electric tingles through my frustrated body. Alice smiled as she looked me up and down.‘I might take my skirt off.’‘No, ’ I slurred quickly as I could, ‘please…don’t…’‘Now darling, you know you’re powerless to stop me. We both know you’re all weak and submissive when you’re horny and you are horny, aren’t you?’Alice smiled and I tried to tear my eyes away as she unzipped her skirt. She bent a little, pushing her bottom back towards me, working the zipper.‘Please…please…’ I whined, ‘please… take this thing off me!’I gestured at the cock cage that enclosed my pulsing cock and Alice smiled.‘Not yet, darling, I quite like you this way. Besides, ’ she pouted, stepping from her skirt, ‘it’s only been ten weeks.’Ten weeks of constant frustration!Ten weeks of denial and pain!Ten weeks of being teased by this relentlessly cruel bitch!‘Look darling, pantyhose with no knickers. Come and have a look, ’ Alice murmured, sitting on the sofa.Alice knew I was powerless to resist, of course, perhaps that was how Alice got her fun but I had to look.Slowly, I fell to my knees and crawled over to the sofa.She had trained me well.Alice put both legs on the sofa and I stared at the silken beige pantyhose that enclosed her lower body and the black high heels.She kept her pale blue blouse on – Alice knew it was legs and pussy that dominated me – and smiled as her finger smoothed the nylon mesh over her trimmed pussy.‘It is hot today and my pussy is a little sticky in the pantyhose. Can you see, darling?’‘Yes.’ I muttered thickly, wincing with the pain in my restricted cock.‘Why don’t you give my thighs a little kiss while you smell me?’How could I refuse?My lips ran over the nylon as Alice stroked my hair. I inhaled and could smell her musky aroma and knew she was aroused from dominating me.Once I was a self-assured businessman, a man in control of his own destiny but now I slavishly followed her every whim.All because I allowed her to talk me into that awful chastity cage!‘Does it still hurt you, darling?’ Alice asked, her fingers stroking my hair and I quivered at her touch.I wanted to come – needed to come!‘Do you think you could make me come through the pantyhose, darling?’ Alice asked softly, her fingers teasing my ear.‘I…I…’‘Don’t try to speak, darling, just nod or shake your head.’I stared at the thin trail of pubic hair visible through the nylon mesh. I loved her pussy but I also hated it, as it was what enslaved me!Dumbly, I nodded my head.‘Of course you want to try, ’ Alice said patiently, pushing my face closer to her cunt, so close her aroma filled my nostrils and my cock twisted and turned.‘Please…’ I groaned and she giggled.‘No, ’ Alice said, closing her thighs, ‘not today, puss is a little tender. Remember Jeff? I fucked him last night or, should I say, he fucked me! God, he was glorious, I came at least five times!’I didn’t know if it was true or not, I couldn’t even think straight anymore but the idea of Alice being fucked by the brute Jeff made my cock squirm even more.I was also insanely jealous but I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t form the words and could only stare longingly at that thin trail of hair though the nylon.Alice and I had been lovers once, enjoying all the things that lovers do including sexy little games that bordered on kinky.And then, Alice had suggested chastity games and challenged me to go three weeks without coming. Stupidly, I fell for it and now, ten weeks later I was putty in her cruel hands.‘Please, Alice, ’ I managed to say as she played with my hair, each stroke sending electric tremors through my quivering body, ‘please…’‘What are you trying to say, darling?’ Alice asked with a sly smile, looking down at me as I desperately stared at her pantyhose covered lower belly, ‘what do you want?’Of course, she knew very well but she enjoyed teasing me, taunting me with my inability to come!I hadn’t realised just how cruel and mercenary she was.Stumbling, I tried to form words and Alice giggled.‘You want me to take the cage off your dickie?’I nodded frantically and she softly patted my cheek.‘Poor Stevie.’Alice swung her legs off the sofa and walked to the window.I remained staring at her bottom and legs in the sheer pantyhose, my cock throbbing painfully.‘I hope it rains soon; it’s so terribly hot.’Alice turned and smiled at me.‘Time for another photograph, darling.’My heart sank as she walked to her handbag.Alice grinned as she checked her digital camera.‘On all fours, darling, like a puppy.’What could I do?I could barely think straight and she held the key to my salvation.The camera flashed and she giggled.‘I can see the desperation in your big puppy-like eyes! It makes me wet! If I wasn’t so tender, I’d have you trying to make me come though my hose!’She aimed the camera again, it flashed and Alice then turned to find something in her large handbag.‘Here you are, darling.’I stared at the pink dildo she had casually dropped on the floor in front of me.‘Push that into your bottom and smile for me.’I had no idea what she did with these degrading pictures but Alice was always coming up with new poses, all of them intensely humiliating for me.I no longer had a job so she couldn’t really blackmail me. They had fired me after the sixth week when I was a hopeless zombie, drooling after the girls in the office and looking like a slob.Why blackmail anyway?I would do anything for the hope of her unlocking the cage and playing with my swollen cock.Once I used to fuck her, to feel her velvet smoothness around my cock! Once, Alice used to suck me until I came!Once!Not any more.Slowly, I inserted the dildo into my bum, grunting with the feeling and the camera flashed.‘How sweet you look, ’ Alice giggled and took another photograph.‘That will do, darling, you can take it out. Make sure you clean it afterwards.’‘You know, darling, ’ Alice said as she packed the camera away in her handbag, ‘things aren’t going so well for you. You’ve lost your job and the landlord tells me he’s given you an eviction notice.’He has?I stared dumbly at her long legs, my cock pressing painfully against the hard mesh of the cock cage.‘I think you should move in with me. I’ll get Jeff to come over and pack your things up. You won’t need much, darling.’‘Please, ’ I begged in a thick voice, ‘please take this thing off me!’I was strangely proud I managed to finish the sentence and Alice laughed softly.‘Why on earth would I do that?’She stood in front of me, her pantyhosed crotch directly in front of my yearning face and gently patted my head.‘I like you this way and I want to see just what happens if I deprive you for even longer.’My heart sank and Alice patted my cheek softly before walking away, stepping into her skirt.‘I have to run, I have so much to do. At least when you move in with me, you’ll get decent food and I’ll make you shower more often. Truth is, darling, you smell rather a lot! How could I let a smelly man lick my precious jewel?’Sadly, I watched her smooth nylon covered belly vanish into her skirt.‘Poor Stevie, ’ Alice said with a smile as she checked her face in the mirror. ‘So sad. I have something for you.’She rummaged in her handbag, withdrew something and dropped it on the floor in front of me.It was a pair of pink women’s panties – small, smooth and fringed with lace.‘I wore those when I went out with Jeff. He’s such a hunk and was so sexy so they got a little moist. I’m sure you’ll have fun smelling them.’Alice looked at me with a cruel twinkle in her eyes, lip-gloss tube in her hand.‘You do want to smell them, don’t you, Stevie?’I nodded, humiliated but driven by my imprisoned cock.She giggled and applied lip-gloss.‘I’ll be back later with Jeff and we’ll get you packed up and back to my place. We’ll give away a lot of your junk , although Jeff thinks we should be able to sell some of it.’She dropped the lip-gloss tube into her handbag, snapped the bag shut and patted my cheek again, her fingers teasing and taunting me at the same time.‘Bye darling, you have a good smell of my panties and I’ll see you later.’She laughed as she walked out and the door closed behind her.A small tear drifted down my cheek as I realised the utter hopelessness of my situation.My fingers shook as I picked up the pink panties and closing my eyes, pressed them to my face.

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