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Adult Sex Games Article

3 Adult Sex Games to Play with Women- Part 1

3 Adult Sex Games to Play with Women- Part 1

I hate to say this... Sometimes sex with a woman can get boring! I know, you probably think I'm com completely nuts for saying this. But it's true. If you've been having sex with one woman for awhile, then you've probably tried every conceivable position and technique. Even if you're with the most beautiful girl in the world, there will be a time when things have grown stagnant. So what's the answer? Well it's simple! You must find a way to spice things up in the bedroom. How do you do this? Well you start play sex games with your women. By doing this, you bring variety to your sex in a fun and unique way. If you're not sure where to start, you can try playing these three sex games with your woman: 1- Keep your hands to yourself During sex we're conditioned to use our hands to enhance the experience. So this tip requires a bit of self control. All you have to do is NOT use your hands during sex. At no point during your sexual encounter you're allowed to touch one another. While the concept may seem simple, it's actually pretty hard to accomplish. By not using your hands, you'll have to rely on other parts of your body. For instance, you'll need to resort to touching with your mouth, chest or intimate parts. When you get creative you'll do wonders for enhancing your sex life. 2- Don't say a word Not speaking to one another during sex is a powerful technique for concentrating on your pleasure. All you have to do is make a pact to not say a word during the entire time and simply focus on the task at hand. Why? Well during sex, guys and girls tend to do too much talking. By forcing yourself to not speak, you'll enhance your sexual experience. What's interesting about this concept is you're able to com completely focus on the physical experience of the entire sex session. When you don't say a word during sex you'll have to rely on your other four senses- touch, taste, sight and hearing. Then you'll be able to heighten one other's sensations. 3- Show her your cards Breaking out a deck of cards is a great way to spice things up. Now it might seem weird to you, but playing a sex game with cards can help you really build up some sexual tension. The game is simple... You go into the bedroom fully dressed and pull out a deck of cards. Then you and your woman pull one card from the deck. Whoever has the high card gets to make a demand from the other person. This game can be a great way to undress one another, do foreplay and initiate sex. As the evening progresses, you use the cards to decide what to do next. This card game is a great way to experiment with different things and explore uncharted territories. Sex games are a great way to spice up an otherwise boring sex life. If you can incorporate these 3 sex games into your life, you'll find a unique way to please your woman. Want to learn 50 different ways for web-camsonline meeting, approaching and attracting women? If so, take a look at Scott Patterson's web-camsonline Free eBook which provides 50 tips for instant dating success.

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